Choosing a College - Part 1!

Date Posted: 5/17/2016

As a freshman, sophomore or junior in high school you are beginning to explore colleges and opportunities to play soccer after you graduate.  Over the years I have
compiled a list of important things college bound students should consider as they are meeting college coaches and recruiters, visiting schools and talking with friends and parents. 
Choosing the right college is part of our program at the College ID camp.  Here are some things I believe a recruited student athlete should consider as they explores their future options.

  1. Eliminate from your consideration any school that encourages you to cancel other visits.
  2. Be skeptical of coaches or recruiters who criticize other college programs.
  3. Do not choose a school because you are impressed with the recruiter.  Playing soccer will be only one part of your college experience.
  4. Take ownership of the selection process.  Your relatives, friends, coaches will provide you with advice, however, you know what the right choice is for you. This is your decision.


  1. What is the national academic reputation of the school?
  2. What is the national reputation of my intended major at this school?
  3. What is the student/Professor ratio in my major?
  4. What is the accreditation rating in my major?
  5. What is the degree of difficulty of school generally? of your major specifically?
  6. Do coaches emphasize academics?
  7. What is the graduation rate of athletes?
  8. Is there an academic counseling program for students/athletes?
  9. What percentage of the athletes graduate in 4 years?

II. Head Coach – Assistant Coaches

  1. What is the national reputation of the Head Coach?
  2. What is the national reputation of the coaching staff?
  3. What kind of reputation has the recruiter developed with your  High School and club coaches?
  4. Do the coaches treat players as students?
  5. What is the philosophy towards working with athletes?
  6. Will the coaching staff help me plan for my future?
  7. Are there job opportunities on and off campus, including summer work (ask for explanation)?
  8. What is the coaching staff's teaching style like?

In Part 2 of Choosing a College I will address financing your college education, important characteristics of a college (that you should be reviewing) and other things to consider.
All of these things are covered at the College ID Camp, held at Denison University in July.  For more information on the College ID Camp or to register click here.