Date Posted: 1/30/2013

I really enjoyed working with the college coaches and current and former collegiate players. They gave me a good perspective on what college soccer would be like. The program identified what changes I needed to make to make me a better player. The feedback I received from the coaches was honest, fair and very helpful.
In 2010 I attended college and was fortunate enough to play in every game. Coach Russo and staff, thank you for helping me with the decision making process and identifying a school I could succeed in both on the soccer field and in the classroom.
Bob, Cleveland, OH

I attended the College ID program in 2009 and 2010, at Denison University. Denison was one of my top choices and my experience at camp solidified my decision that Denison was the school for me. I applied to Denison early decision and I was accepted and enrolled. This camp provided me with the opportunity to work with different college coaches, along with Coach Russo. It was a great experience and I am confident I am better prepared for this comings fall preseason.
David, Cincinnati, OH

2011 will be the 3rd year I have attended the Score and Save Soccer Academy “College ID” program. The camp is three full days of competitive and informative activities. In 2009 I was the only sophomore at camp and the competition stretched me. I was really not ready for the intensity and such a demanding program that first year. Last summer (2010) I attended and felt more comfortable. I worked on my physical strength and speed and also my speed of play, which the college coaches identified as an area I needed to improve.
This summer (2011) I am attending as a rising senior and I want to see how I compete against top players. My goal is to play college soccer at the highest level possible, while also attending a top academic university. Coach Russo and his staff have been very helpful by identifying the areas I need to improve and suggesting schools and programs that could fit my abilities. I am looking forward to this year’s camp.
Clark, Granville, OH



I came to camp to be viewed by coaches of schools that I knew would be at the camp. However, I also wanted to get a better idea of what type of competition I would see in Division III and the caliber of players who typically play at that level. The talent level was mixed (as it is at most camps) with some very talented players who could play at mid level Division I. I liked that the coaches made the training groups up by ability, which created competitive training groups. I also liked that we played competitive evening games under the lights. All in all the coaching staff was excellent. All the coaches were friendly but demanding. It was very helpful to have current and former collegiate players on hand. I was able to talk to them about college life and the experience of playing soccer in college.
Luke, Cincinnati, OH

As a senior high school goalkeeper, looking to play soccer in college, it is very important that you do your homework when looking at colleges. Prior to attending the College ID Camp at Denison I attended a number of goalkeeping camps that focused on the important techniques and skills necessary for this specific position. I felt these camps trained me well and I have no reservations about my experiences at these other camps.
The College ID program provided me with two things. First, I had the opportunity to work with Andy Brinkman who is a very established goalkeeping trainer and college soccer assistant. Second, I had the chance to be evaluated by college coaches not only in games, but also after each training session. Each day we had a 1.5 hour skill session, followed by a 7 aside game, which I was in goal for. There were also daily presentations on the recruiting process, differences between Division I, II and III soccer or a physical fitness assessment. At night we scrimmaged.
I had a great time at camp and it was a large factor in my decision to attend Denison. Attending a camp at a school that you are seriously considering is the best way for you to evaluate the coaching staff and players you will be playing with, while also showing coaches your abilities.
John, St. Louis, MO